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Unofficial Moxie “Personals” Adoption Ad

After a settling in and assessment period our foster dog Moxie is now available for adoption and the rescue has posted her profile for potential adopters. Given Moxie’s style in the thank you letter she sent her Sponsor Mom, somehow I think she would have written it a bit differently…

Looking for Love…and Bacon Treats
(a.k.a. Will Do Anything for Food)

FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie smileHi, my name is Moxie (The Wonder Dog). I like walks in the park, picnics (or anything else that’s all about food) and playing fetch ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANYTHING.

I’m a very happy girl, especially in the morning when I get out of my crate and bounce (yes bounce) around the yard in sheer joy. I love to play tag and get some pretty serious air even when I’m barely trying. I’d be a whiz at agility.

I’ve got lots of energy and LOVE to play fetch, learn tricks, and play food puzzle games. I’m pretty clever, too. I learn quickly and only ask for a bit of kibble in return. It goes both ways, though. I love to cuddle so I’ll want to train you as well, mostly about where I like to be massaged and how to give me really good treats when I look adoringly into your eyes.

I get pretty excited about life and all the interesting things going on around me but I have trouble calming myself down once I get amped up. I need a Forever Mom or Dad who loves to play until I’ve worked the ants out of my pants, and can also help me settle down when it’s time to relax. Foster Mom is helping me learn to “Settle” but sometimes I just don’t wanna!

I like to keep an eye on things no matter what’s going on around the house. Foster Mom says I’m kind of a busybody. My job is to keep an eye on things, warn about possible intruders, clean any dropped food off the floor, and make her laugh, a lot. There is always time for a nap or three once I’ve checked everything out; I’m as wholehearted with my snoozing as I am with everything else in life. I’ll even put myself to bed in my crate when I’ve had enough.

FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie fetchI’m excellent with many cues like Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Shake a Paw, Other Paw, Go to Your Mat, and Crate. I can Mark/Touch, too, nudging things with my nose. Sometimes I nudge bells by the door to go out, but usually only when I want to PLAY FETCH.

FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie in her backpackI’m learning to Heel, sometimes agree to Spin, working on Come, and am pretty good with Leave It…depending on the level of distraction around me. On leash, with treats, I’m a rock star at Leaving other dogs and people. On our walks Foster Mom looks for things I can jump Over and I’m really good at it. I especially enjoy walking on a long line and come running full tilt when she calls me.

I don’t especially like putting my harness put on. I want to go for a walk, but it feels weird. (I’m fine once it’s on, it’s the going over my head that’s no fun.) I easily got used to wearing a backpack recently and I wear my raincoat no problem. I could be a harness, backpack, jacket wearing dog but that would just look silly.

FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie chew toyI love to have a go at my chew toys but am quite good about not chewing off-limits things. Well, I do like to shred envelopes on occasion when I’m bored, but they were already in the recycling bin so I didn’t wreck anything, did I? I am quite gentle with treat puzzles because I want them to be refilled so I can play (and eat!) some more.

I’m not shy about coming and asking for a cuddle, though I do think I should be allowed up on the couch and bed so we can really get cozy. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where I like to be scratched and massage, I’ll train you.

FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie cuddleI’m full of play and happiness and want someone to love me with the same unlimited love I have for them. If you promise to feed me, care for me and teach me the rules, I promise to do my very best to always do as I’m asked and wriggle my whole body in joy every time I see you.
FuzzyBuddyBC Moxie wants to cuddle

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