It’s hard to say if it’s serendipity or just Facebook serving up info because I’ve recently posted about it, but one of my Facebook Friends just posted about the animal enrichment at the Smithsonian National Zoo, complete with adorable video clip. Please, when are otters not adorable?!

“The keyboard session is one among many activities that fall under animal enrichment — a program that provides physically and mentally stimulating activities and environments for the zoo’s residents,” zoo spokeswoman Jennifer Zoon tells HuffPost. “The animals have the opportunity not only to choose how to behave, but also to use their natural abilities and behaviors in new and exciting ways.”

May 31st is Animal Enrichment Day at the zoo, which we should celebrate every day, everywhere, with any animal we encounter when that lovely critter isn’t able to engage in the activities that would keep it mentally and physically fit as in it’s natural habitat.

We give our dogs and cats their own enrichment activities too, when we allow and even invite them to engage in their natural way of being. What a great way to honour their innate needs and give them truly excellent quality of life. (Note: Booties and dresses on “pocket puppies” are not a natural occurring phenomenon.)

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