I got a very special welcome back from two Fuzzy Buddies last week, Jag (the cat) and Quincy (the dog).

QuincyAfter spending a week with them a month ago I was asked back to spend another two weeks house/pet sitting. Quincy had been dropped off with friends that morning and was very happy to see me when I arrived to pick him up in the afternoon, burying his head between my knees in that endearing way he has. “I’m so glad to see you I can’t even speak.”

When we got “home” Jag was out as he usually is during the day. I always seem to have a feeling when he’s at the front door and sure enough, when I opened it a bit later he leapt through the crack and was halfway up the stairs to the kitchen before my scent seemed to register. He stopped suddenly and looked back as if to say, “Oh, it’s you!” I followed him up into the kitchen and we spent the next 5 minutes gently rubbing faces and heads together, purring a kitty cat hello. (Yes, my cooing was kind of a purr.) 

I was  delighted to have been welcomed back so warmly by both my lovely Fuzzy Buddies, but the real treat was later that evening when I turned in for the night. While I was in the bathroom fulfilling my night time routine, Jag and Quincy made their way into my bedroom and were waiting for me when I came to crawl into bed.

Are you coming to bed yet?
Are you coming to bed yet?

That night I fell asleep with the cat’s head resting in the palm of my hand, him purring happily, while Quincy sprawled out beside my bed. To me, that’s pretty close to heaven. Purrrrr.

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