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“I don’t endorse much, or often. It’s been a while since we have had a puppy (18 years), I’ve forgotten a lot and I was taught “old school.” Liz does positive re-enforcement training for pups and people. Her approach with dogs is very positive and equally so with people. I believe in well behaved dogs and we are well on our way with Nyx.” – Don V.

“What an awesome class the Good Manners class was for my overly social/excitable 8 month old pup! She came such a long way in just a few short weeks with Liz’s positive training approach and teaching. I’m so happy to see an overall change since starting the classes, as my pup pays more attention to my cues/listens better since being taught some skills. Thanks Liz!”  – Kristina M.

“I am so thankful my neighbour recommended Liz for our puppy training.  As new puppy owners, her puppy intro session really helped put us on the right track. I would highly recommend Liz, as I’ve never seen my puppy so eager to learn. Thanks Liz!” – Tara D.

“If you are considering hiring a trainer for your dog look no further. You and your dog will benefit immensely from the professional training sessions provided by Liz from Fuzzy Buddy. Liz is an experienced trainer with a wide breadth of knowledge of dogs and training techniques. Her sessions are excellent step-by-step, hands-on instruction which includes the how’s and why’s of what is being taught to your dog. Liz was able to answer all my questions and helped clear up a lot of misconceptions I carried into these training sessions. The training sessions are a lot of fun and watching Dexter learn has been amazing. I really believe Liz’s training has helped strengthen the bond Dexter and I share.”  – Johnny J.

“We are so glad we found Liz! She helped us with a puppy refresher session since it’s been so long since we have had a puppy. Really looking forward our upcoming classes with Liz to learn more.” – Lindsay O.

“Words are not enough to tell of my appreciation for Liz, the heart and soul of Fuzzy Buddies. She has a great ability to train dogs and puppies, bringing the best out of my puppy, Pip, and helping me to communicate and understand him in firm, gentle and caring ways. The gift that Liz gave to me, besides all the training, was opening up new possibilities in my relationship with Pip, things I never thought possible… and by learning about being more sensitive, consistent, and understanding towards Pip, I realize that this healthy relationship I am learning about with Pip opens up something new to me and helps me to be a better human being.” – Heather B.

“I am so glad we called Liz to help us train our puppy. Being first time dog owners, we needed the right techniques to handle puppy behaviours in a positive method. Our puppy, Tofu, love love Liz from the very beginning and gets super happy every time he sees her! We learnt so much from Liz and loved her style of teaching. We saw huge improvement from Tofu! Liz is an amazing dog trainer and we have recommended her to my friends who just took home their puppies.” – Ester L. 

“Thank you Fuzzy Buddy! We contacted Liz for some one-on-one training with our young Golden Retriever puppy, Walter. He was quickly becoming an aggressive land shark and we were at a loss for how to redirect his attention. Liz immediately recognized what Walter needed and gave us effective techniques to redirect his behaviour and the results were immediate. After one class he was like a new puppy. Liz is an excellent communicator during class and her follow up afterwards have given us the knowledge, tips and techniques for proper training. Liz is very professional and knowledgeable and has helped Walter become a well behaved member of our family.” – Warren W.

“Liz has been amazing in supporting my puppy journey! My little monkey has been amazing and challenging during his first year but with the help and support of Fuzzy Buddy Pet Services we have both grown so much! We now have the tools to continue growing and learning together and will be sure to reach out if new challenges arise! Liz makes sure to show and coach you through many of the tools and offers notes after sessions to help remind you of all the great tips and tricks she has shared in session! We are off to a great start for our adventures together.” – Michelle G.

“Liz is incredibly talented in all areas of pets! She’s a great resource and loves each of her client pets like her own. She is caring and friendly, and uses only positive training methods to help your fuzzy buddy become your dream pet! ????????????
Thanks so much for all your help as we transitioned to a three-dog household! ????” – Leigh O.

“Liz is a great trainer! She understood my dog’s behaviour really well and was able to help us correct his bad habits (reactivity and patience) with informative and engaging sessions. Her training techniques were explained in an easy to learn manner and if needed, she was always available to answer any lingering questions. After each session, we had received very detailed notes to ensure we stayed committed to practising on our own time. I highly recommend Liz for all your dog training needs. My whole family participated in the sessions and we loved every minute of it!” – Kajal D.

“We joined 2 classes with our pup Georgia, Good Manners 1 and Socialization. We learned so many techniques from Liz, Georgia really benefitted from these classes. Liz would not only talk about the training, she would show us. While we were practicing these new techniques Liz took the time to go around to each person and pup to see how we were doing and offered any help we needed. The classes are kept small. There is still much more for us and Georgia to learn and will hopefully get some one-to-one time with Liz to really work on certain issues. We would definitely recommend Liz to anyone looking to have their pup trained.” – Patricia B.

“Liz is amazing. She helped me with my young, energetic and slightly crazy, 75lb puppy. The training sessions were detailed and focused on specific areas of concerns. One of my favourite aspects of Liz’s training sessions were the detailed notes that followed each sessions to ensure I was sticking to the plan. In just 4 sessions, I seen meaningful results that were targeted towards understanding my dog’s behaviour. I highly recommend Liz for any dog training needs.” – Harp P.

“We have completed one group class with Liz and have now hired her for some extra one-on-one lessons to address specific issues that our dog Hoya has (anxiety and reactivity). The group class was great fun and taught both my son & I a new approach to both teaching and communicating with our doggy. Our one-on-one lessons have been worth every penny as we all have gained confidence in how to approach any issues that we encounter. I truly feel like Hoya is calmer, more focused and more affectionate since working with Liz to address his needs. Liz is an awesome coach!!” – Kim B.

“We just finished the Socialization classes with Fuzzy Buddy Pet Services and loved them! Cooper is a Border Collie and at times I was feeling a bit insecure with how I was training him and just overall whether we were on the right path. Liz’s classes were so informative and fun. She spent time with everyone and their pups and gave breed specific tips which were very welcomed. Cooper loved the classes and we’ve signed up for Good Manners Level 1. I’m feeling a lot more confident with him and it is directly related to Liz and her classes. Well worth the time and effort to attend!”  – Ramona G.

“Liz did a great job with our pups Tofu (chow chow) and Taco (corgi). Her techniques are practical, tips are highly effective and she follows through with written notes after every class which to us was a huge value added. Keep up the great work Liz!” – Ria A.

“We loved taking our pup, Yogi, to this class. Liz was incredibly fun and informative. She makes it super easy to understand the concepts, and training tips that make a world of difference in being a puppy parent. Definitely recommend!” – Jessica S.

“Liz is awesome! So knowledgeable, professional and personable! My reactive puppy has come so far in a short time with the help of Liz and using positive reinforcement training as well as enrichment activities. Highly recommend Liz and Fuzzy Buddy Pet Services.” – Tina H.

“Liz is highly knowledgeable in reactive/nervous dogs, very much appreciated the help and advice she had to offered.” – Dbl D

“We enthusiastically recommend Liz at Fuzzy Buddy for dog training! We are learning so much about our dog and how to motivate and focus him. Liz is an expert dog trainer. She is so knowledgeable, positive, and professional! She gives us wonderful, personalized, practical solutions. Thanks, Liz!!!” – Sherri & Mike