“Like any good feline worth her whiskers she simply ignored my mild protest and wormed her way deep into my heart.”

I’ve loved many Fuzzy Buddies of all shapes and sizes over the years, but the first one snuck into my life before I knew I needed her, a shy ginger tabby I inherited when my sister and her family moved and couldn’t take Lewis (nee  Marmalade) with them.

I’d gone with my brother-in-law to pick Lewis up at a cat rescue as a Christmas present for my nieces and nephew and had visited regularly after that. Lewis and I had a special bond from that very first day — so much so even my 3 year old niece noticed, “She likes you better.”

Lewis slept with me every time I stayed over and would come when I called. But I hadn’t grown up with pets of any kind so bringing her home was a new experience for me.  Still a little unsure, “I don’t really like cats,” I told her, “And I’m especially not sure I like orange cats.”

Of course, like any good feline worth her whiskers Lewis (named for author C.S. Lewis) simply ignored my mild protest and wormed her way deep into my heart. I’m so grateful she did.

As it turned out, Lewis found a place in my heart I hadn’t known was empty and ignited a lasting love for all things fuzzy. I’ve been observing and learning about animals ever since — their physical needs as well as behaviours, communication, and how they learn — and my education continues. Like Lewis, every Fuzzy Buddy I’ve ever met has had something to say and something to teach me. Whether it’s a bearded dragon (okay, he’s not exactly fuzzy), a dog, a goat or a horse, every one has a unique personality and finds a special spot in my heart.

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