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Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

Because I have a variety of dogs coming to stay for boarding, I’m always looking for tough, durable chew toys. Enough of my boarding guests are hard chewers that I often restrict access to many of the dog toys in the toy cupboard. (Yes, there is a whole cupboard.) If I don’t choose wisely, my stash would be shredded in no time.

Today I found a great solution to the tough, durable dog toy problem.

Damaged Toys Are Not Safe

I can usually tell pretty quickly when dogs are hard chewers. But, a few dogs have surprised me and damaged a toy badly enough it had to be discarded. It’s usually an awful tearing sound that has me bolt from whatever I’m doing to come investigate. I don’t like that sound.

 dog toys with loose bits, or small pieces that might break or tear off and be ingested should be tossed, for the safety of your dog. Dogs swallow the strangest things, even unintentionally. It can be a costly vet bill to have a item removed if they choke or if it doesn’t come out naturally.

Size Matters

When it comes to stocking my cupboard, toy size is also a consideration. Bigger dogs can choke on toys that are appropriate for smaller dogs, so I try to have an assortment of chew toys that any size dog can enjoy.

Jolly Tuff Dog Toys

Which brings me to my latest purchase. My local Bosley’s was clearing out their Jolly Pets Jolly Tuff line so I decided to stock up. I first had experience with this brand when Moxie the Foster Dog got a large size Treader in a care package from one of the rescue’s supporters (read that story here). After much hard work, Moxie managed to chew off the handle, but she was never able to break down the rest of the toy, despite many attempts.

I bought one of each of the Jolly Tuff line. I chose the large version of the Treader, tire shaped toy, and the small version of the Bouncer ball, which was all that was available. After testing it on Molly, I’m satisfied it will be large enough to be safe for the majority of dogs.

Treat Toys, Too

As well as being durable for chewing, three of the toys also double as treat dispensers, which I LOVE. It’s so much fun to see dogs working for their food, something most of them enjoy immensely, judging from the wagging tails and eagerness each time I present a treat (or kibble) -filled toy.

For my money, Jolly Pets Jolly Tuff line gets 5 Barks of approval.



Moxie playing tug with her Jolly Pets Treader

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