Do you feel embarrassed to have a dog who is loving at home but frightens others when you are out and about? Are you scared to take you dog on walks because of how they behave? Reactive Rover class is for you!

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It can be so stressful to have a dog who barks and lunges on leash, especially when you love them and try to do your best for them. Get the relief both you and your dog need with Reactive Rover class. You will learn to see the signs and understand the causes of your dog’s aggressive behaviour as well as learn how to cope effectively and resolve those nerve-raking incidents. With training and practice, new skills and increased confidence happen at both ends of the leash as we work our way through the course.

  • 1 classroom session (no dogs)
  • 2 x 30 minute one-on-one sessions for individual skill development
  • 5 outdoor distanced group sessions
  • No prerequisites
  • $329.99 +GST
  • Preferred drop-in pricing to future meet-ups for practice and skill-building