Dog Training

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Good Manners 1

Teach your dog to be a good canine citizen with fun and engaging dog training games that build skills and strengthen your relationship. Small class size ensures personalized attention and coaching. This class class includes all the basics and then some: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, loose leash walking foundations, canine body language, and understanding you dog’s needs to set them up for success. Also covers how to stop common unwanted behaviours like jumping, mouthing, and grabbing at food and toys in your hands.

  • Age: 4 months and older
  • Pre-registration required, no prerequisites
  • Must be fully vaccinated
  • 6 classes, $229.99

Tynehead Hall, Surrey  Register Now

  • Fridays @ 6:15 pm starting May 13

The Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training is a bit like teaching a new language–dogs are from a very different (critter) culture and don’t speak human, so it’s up to us to help them learn.

Everything your dog does is normal…for a dog.

But when they move in with us, we don’t always like the things that come naturally: pulling on leash, chewing, excessive barking, jumping… So, dogs need to learn how things work in the human world. The good thing is, they are really smart and can quickly learn good manners if we teach them in fun ways they understand.

That’s what my dog training classes are all about, a positive, upbeat environment with learning for both the dogs and their people. I hope you’ll join us on a little adventure in dog training!

(It’s not just me who thinks the learning is fun, past clients have lots of good things to say too.)

Note: If you are experiencing behavioural issues with your dog private, one-on-one training may be more suitable.