Dog Walk & Play / Pet Sitting

A tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy owner)

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Fuzzy Buddy Rocky on a walk in the woods.

City boy Rocky on an adventure in the woods.

  • Certified Professional Dog Walker – Langara College, Dr. Rebecca Ledger
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Pet First Aid

Serving Surrey & Langley

  • Dog Walking & Educational Play
  • Pet Sitting / Visits

Fuzzy Buddy offers dog walking in Surrey and Langley, BC. We have been helping animals lead happier, healthier lives for 5+ years, with  exercise, positive social experiences, as well as educational play.

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A Tired Dog is a Happier Dog!

Zamba Crate 9

Zamba was terrified of her crate before our training began.

A tired dog is also a happier owner! Bored dogs with pent up energy are bound to find ways to relieve their stress. Unfortunately it’s usually with problem behaviours like chewing, chasing, barking, digging…

All dogs, even little ones, need exercise–physical, mental and social–to keep them healthy and happy. The bonus? A happy, healthy critter is one less prone to those nuisance behaviours.

About Fuzzy Buddy Pet Services

Learn more about me, my qualifications, and the services I offer, like dog walking and boarding, and read about my latest Fuzzy Buddy love affair  as well as posts about animals that inspire or enlighten.

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  1. Finally I have visited your website! I feel happy and fuzzy all over, just enjoying it! Love to see the photos of your fuzzy pals, too.

  2. Hi Liz
    Carey gave us your contact info for looking after Crosby.
    Contact me when you have a moment.
    Thanks b

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