Dog Training

Serving Surrey & Langley BC

Dog Training

Dog training for regular folks who want a happy, well-behaved dog.

How does your dog become a good canine citizen? We train them! Dogs don’t know how to behave in the human world until we teach them.

We use reward-based dog training, and no aversive tools: we train without the use of choke, prong, or electronic shock collars. Dog training is most effective in a positive, encouraging environment–it’s also how humans learn best–so we make it fun and engaging for both you and your dog.

Well-Trained Staff

With Fuzzy Buddy you are entrusting your dog into capable hands. We are committed to maintaining quality standards and using the latest science-based dog training methods. It is our goal to uphold industry best practices and contribute to higher standards in the pet care industry.


  1. Finally I have visited your website! I feel happy and fuzzy all over, just enjoying it! Love to see the photos of your fuzzy pals, too.

  2. can you guarantee my dog to be potty trained? how long will it take ?

    • This is not an uncommon question. People want to know how long it takes to “fix” a dog’s unwanted behaviour.

      How long does it take to learn a language fluently? Depends on how much you study and how much you use it day-to-day.

      No I don’t guarantee potty training. Because whether your dog is potty trained is dependent on your behaviour. I can teach you how to teach your dog, but you have to do the work.

      How long it takes depends on how diligent you are. Dogs learn very quickly when the rules are consistent.

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