Dog Training

Serving Surrey & Langley BC

Dog Training

Dog training for regular folks who want a happy, well-behaved dog.

How does your dog become a good canine citizen? We train them! Dogs don’t know how to behave in the human world until we teach them.

We use reward-based dog training, and no aversive tools: we train without the use of choke, prong, or electronic shock collars. Dog training is most effective in a positive, encouraging environment–it’s also how humans learn best–so we make it fun and engaging for both you and your dog.

Well-Trained Staff

With Fuzzy Buddy you are entrusting your dog into capable hands. We are committed to maintaining quality standards and using the latest science-based dog training methods. It is our goal to uphold industry best practices and contribute to higher standards in the pet care industry.

For safe, effective dog training in Surrey & Langley, give us a shout.


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