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Surrey Dog Walking

 We have been helping animals lead happier, healthier lives for 7+ years.

Safety First

For the sake of your pet’s safety it’s important to know that your dog walking professional has the training and skills to handle issues that may arise.

Keeping dogs safe is more than having a reliable leash and a good strong grip. Knowing how to read dogs’ body language, deescalate tension, alleviate stress, and bring out the best in your dog is our top priority for ensuring your pet’s well being.

Well Trained Staff

With Fuzzy Buddy you are entrusting your dog into capable hands. We are committed to maintaining quality standards and ongoing, science-based training development in order to uphold industry best practices and contribute to higher standards in the pet care industry.


  1. Finally I have visited your website! I feel happy and fuzzy all over, just enjoying it! Love to see the photos of your fuzzy pals, too.

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