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Dog Walking

Bored dogs with pent up energy are bound to find ways to relieve their stress. Unfortunately it’s usually with problem behaviours like chewing, chasing, barking, digging… All dogs need exercise–physical and mental–to keep them healthy and happy. The bonus? A happy, healthy dog is one less prone to those nuisance behaviours.

Individual Walks

Individual WalkingOne-on-one human time includes a rain or shine walk based on the appropriate level of energy (seniors walk slower, ya know?), watering (as in drinking, not bathing) and a quick towel rub down as necessary. For dogs who are reactive  consider taking advantage of our Walk & Train program (details below) to help your dog walk more easily and confidently on leash (see above).

  • $35/60 min. (add’l dog, same household $12/walk)
  • $27/40 min. (add’l dog, same household $12/walk)
  • $22/25 min. (add’l dog, same household $10/walk)

Puppy and Dog Walk & Train

Your dog already needs a potty break in the day, why not add some mental stimulation and top up their training as well? We work on  obedience basics and practical loose leash walking practice, as well as household manners which may not be covered in a puppy socialization or obedience class.

  • $50/45 minutes

Reactive Dog Walk & Train

Langley Surrey Dog TrainingThe number one reason dogs don’t get walked: they are challenging to walk! This is especially true of reactive dogs where the walk is stressful for both the dog and humans. We will help your dog increase its confidence, as well as teach skills to help with their reactivity, to make walking enjoyable again.

Langley BC Dog Walking Fuzzy Buddy Pet CareGroup Walks

Just like humans, some dogs thrive in a more social environment. Pack walks are available when additional, suitable dogs are available in your area (no vehicle travel). Dogs must be well-socialized, without behaviour issues. If your dog needs support in these areas, we recommend Walk & Train or Individual dog walking to start (see above).

  • $22/45 min.

Potty Breaks

Potty breaks with Fuzzy Buddy includes cuddles, fresh water, feeding as required, and a bit of play as time allows.

  • $16/15 min.
  • $5 each additional dog

Choose a safe, positive experience for your pets.

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