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Aw shucks, it’s always so lovely when people say nice things. I enjoy being with my Fuzzy Buddies so it doesn’t usually feel like work. Which makes it extra nice when people notice that I’ve put a lot of love and effort into keeping their fuzzy (and otherwise) family members in the best of health and spirits.

Surrey dog walkingJanet Magusin Reference 16Mar

“We enthusiastically recommend Liz at Fuzzy Buddy for dog training! We are learning so much about our dog and how to motivate and focus him. Liz is an expert dog trainer. She is so knowledgeable, positive, and professional! She gives us wonderful, personalized, practical solutions. Thanks, Liz!!!” – Sherri & Mike

“Mr. Monty is wowing us. He’s had marked improvements since his stay with you! A lot more impulse control and I feel like we have such a solid base to work with him now. He’s still his bossy self, and can get wound up, but we’ve been using the tools from his stay with you and they really work! He can’t wait for his next stay with you:) We will keep you posted with any fun new developments. Thank you again. We really feel lucky and grateful to have found you!” – Chandra

“We’ve seen such an amazing change in the short time you have been walking [our dogs]. Penny has made such strides; we can easily walk her again, without pulling or tugging. All her “accidents” in the house have stopped, she is like a different dog! You have done an amazing job with them both! Now if you can only fix her stubbornness… 
“You are the Bullie Whisperer!!” – Kim & David

“Wow! Liz is amazing. Each weekday during our 2-week vacation, Liz came to our home, took our 3 dogs (aged 5, 10, and 15) for a walk…even in the rain! From our first meeting, Liz seemed to understand each dog individually, their personality, and their needs. The dogs loved her from the beginning! We felt sure she could easily handle walking the 3 dogs together. She wrote daily reports about our dogs, leaving them for the rest of our family to view when they returned home in the evening. She took pictures of each dog and posted them so we could view them from Hawaii! 

“We felt so relieved knowing that our dogs were being given attention and were doing well. We are SO pleased with Liz’s service! We will certainly be asking her to help us out again in the future.” – Murray & Gillian

Version 2“Thank you for being there! You provided so much peace of mind for me and a loving, caring home for Ollie and Lola while I recovered from emergency surgery. I can’t thank you enough for all the extras you took care of while they were in your care (vet visits, groomer visits, administering medication, etc.). I never worried for a moment.” – Dianne

Surrey dog walking“We have had Liz walking one of our dogs from West Coast Rottweiler Rescue for a little over a month. Buddy was a bit of a wild child at first but Liz took time to show Bud that walking properly on leash was a good thing. I wasn’t able to walk Bud for awhile because of health issues but I am back to walking him in the morning and I can’t believe what a difference in his manners. He is calmer, more focused and certainly more willing to check in with the other end of the leash. 

“Thanks so much for your help, Liz. Because of you, Buddy will make someone a better companion.” – Bev, President, West Coast Rottweiler Rescue

Surrey dog walking“Liz came highly recommend to us by our trainer. My husband and I were away for a month leaving our dog with my parents, Liz came and walked Roxy daily to help them out! This was the first time leaving her for so long since adopting her 3 years ago. Roxy is a sweet girl but we are working through many fears and anxiety when it comes to meeting strangers and other dogs. To help Roxy we’ve been taking things slow and following a guideline.

“Liz was instantly on board and wanting to help with Roxy’s plan so she could continue to learn and gain confidence in our absence. We absolutely loved the daily emails and pictures of the two of them having fun! Having someone so caring and invested in our dog truly brought us peace of mind, we can’t thank her enough!” – Ashley

Langley dog walking

“I have a dog with medical issues and my second dog has behaviour/psychological issues, so it was such a comfort to have Liz, a person with formal training in dog behaviour as well as a genuine love of animals, take care of my precious companions. Thanks again Liz, hope you enjoyed their antics as much as I do.” – Janice

Abby&Rusty FuzzyBuddyBC“I came across Fuzzy Buddy’s business card at a cafe near my work, and I had such a good feeling when I emailed Liz for the first time. My husband and I were looking for a safe, loving, in-home pet sitter for our two dogs–who have never been away from us longer than 4 days. Liz set up a meeting with us, and instantly our dogs loved her and her home. Our dogs are pretty easy, however our girl dog needs scheduled medication, and I knew Liz would be the best caregiver for our Papillons while we vacationed in the sun!

“Every day while we were away, we saw the cutest photo updates on our ‘kids’, which was so comforting. Our plane was delayed an additional day coming home, so Liz kept the dogs an extra day, no problem. We absolutely love leaving our dogs here, and will book in advance to ensure our ‘Doggy Staycation’ is ready for us. Thank you for being the most caring, professional, Fairy Dog-Mother in Surrey. Your services are simply the best.” – Carly & Bill

Surrey BC dog walking“My husband and I love our 2 poodles dearly and were concerned when we left for vacation as we realized that love was not of the same calibre with those looking after them! It was a last minute decision when I was referred to you for dog walking and I am so grateful!

“First of all, our dogs have lots of energy, hence my concern when someone is walking them! Your updates and pictures satisfied my worries and delighted us while away!! Next, you clearly listened carefully to their idiosyncrasies because you worked with each unique one! That was very reassuring indeed. Finally, when we returned home, our first few walks were stellar! Our dogs were SO well behaved. True to form, they have reverted to their old habits… I am delighted to have the opportunity for a ‘training walk’ with you to learn from you ~ the expert! Thank you Liz! What a positive experience!!” – Helene & Arthur

Thunder Sloopy Touchdown“All we can say is WOW! We knew from your updates and [the neighbour] that you were doing a wonderful job with the dogs but we never expected to get a professional trainer when we asked you if you liked dogs. When we watched the videos we weren’t sure those were our dogs!

“Thank you for the wonderful commentary on their progress and the great pics. Watching the video was like we were home again.”  – Susan & Walker

Langley dog sitting“We left our dog Zamba with Liz for a month. It was the first time we left our precious “baby” with someone else for more than one night, and we were very nervous to leave on our trip, but as soon as Liz came to stay, we were completely at ease as we knew Zamba was in capable, and safe hands. She did all we asked for Zamba, exercised her daily… And in all the pictures and emails she sent us, we could see that our dog was very happy! Our home was in great order when we came back and we had a very happy dog. Even now, Zamba is always happy to see Liz. Thank you Liz for taking such good care of our very much loved ‘baby’ of the family.” – Hanna & Phillip     (Zamba’s story.)

Surrey cat sitting

“I am so pleased with Liz as my cat sitter. I came home to happy cats, Jasmine and Anana. One of my cats needs special care with medications and has to be spoon fed each meal. Liz was very conscientious and did extra things for my cats like bringing her own toys and playing with and cuddling them. She also emailed photos to show how they are doing which gave me a lot of peace of mind. I am so happy with how well Liz did everything, she is excellent and professional.” – Nancy

Sweetheart, Quincy.“Vacations are a wonderful event unless you have companion animals that you are worried about leaving behind. Finding Liz was a blessing as I knew that the care of my best friends would be looked after as they were her own. Quincy, Spike and Jag were all healthy and happy when we returned from our vacation. I even enjoyed electronic updates so I could enjoy myself and relax.  Our horses were also grateful for the extra attention while we were away. Many thanks to Liz for her caring and knowledge.” – Annette

Surrey Langley dog boarding pet sitting“I was away on a trip to Italy for a month and Liz came to stay with my dog Rocky.  He is a rescue and extremely friendly and sweet but he was lacking in good manners. I felt very comfortable leaving him with Liz and had every confidence in her integrity and reliability.  She emailed me regularly while I was away to let me know how Rocky was doing and I really appreciated that (the pics were great too!).  

“The big surprise however was when I got home; Rocky knew how to sit, stay, show his belly and shake a paw!! He was still the friendly, sweet little guy I left a month earlier but now he has manners! He loves Liz and whenever she comes to visit he just about goes crazy trying to get her attention. I wouldn’t hesitate to leave my dog, cat, horse, lizard or any other creature with her. She’s amazing. My house was in tip top shape too (which was an added bonus). Thanks Liz!”  – Sandra

“Liz is a cat whisperer! I left her to tend 3 willful, but lovable kitties. Sammie is a rescue and disappears for hours when friends pop by. Within half an hour of her first visit, this scaredy cat was sidling up to Liz’s leg.  Amazing! The brood was lovingly tended and I received regular updates including photos chronicling their adventures (or lack thereof). My home was in pristine condition when I returned and the kitties were indifferent to my arrival. What more could I ask for?  Thank you Liz for easing the anxiety of being away!”  – Marina

Surrey pet boarding“We have had Liz come and stay with our crew a few times now, and they could not be in better hands. It’s not easy for us to get away as a family, considering our crew consists of a lizard and snake, a cat, three dogs, a varitey of chickens and ducks, three horses and a pony.  We trust Liz 100% with all of them, knowing she will take care to maintain their routine, and make sure everyone gets lots of loving. (Well, maybe not the snake, but that’s OK, he’s not really into loving anyways!) We know that she will deal with whatever comes up, and when we get home, all will be well. The regular updates and pictures help so much when one of us (that would be me…husband and kids are fine) starts getting homesick and missing them!”  – Melody

Surrey pet sitting“Knowing Liz has changed our lives for the better. She is the only person we know willing and able to look after our horses and cat as well as we would care for them ourselves. After we moved to our acreage we wondered if we would ever be able to get away again. However, after meeting Liz and having her “ranch-sit” for the day, we had her come and stay at our place while we disappeared to Cuba for a week. Everything was in great shape when we returned; the house and property were all good, and the animals were relaxed and happy. And, equally importantly, we had absolute confidence that all would be well in our absence, and so we didn’t even feel the need to ‘check in’ with her during the week.

Hopi the cat

“Liz is kind and patient with animals, and treats them with dignity and respect. It is obvious that she is an animal lover of the highest order. At the same time, she doesn’t “spoil” them or let them get away with any bad habits. Our horses and cat adore her; the cat will allow Liz to pick her up and cuddle her, which is an honour reserved for only a chosen few! I can personally vouch that if you hire Liz to look after your animals and / or property, you will be 100% happy with her” – Karen & Charles


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