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Our priority is ensuring your pets have a safe, positive and loving experience while in our care.

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Safety First

For the sake of your pet’s safety it’s important to know whether the person walking you dog has the training and skills to handle issues that may arise. Many people think “anyone can walk a dog” but experience proves (a) not everyone does it ethically and safely, and (b) it isn’t the dog on your the end of the leash so much as loose dogs and other unexpected, unsafe situations one may encounter that put your pet at risk.

Keeping dogs safe is more than having a reliable leash and a good strong grip. Knowing how to read dogs’ body language, deescalate tension, alleviate stress, and bring out the best in your dog is my top priority for ensuring your pet’s well being.

Quality Service

FuzzyBuddyBC Abby PapillonDog walking is an unregulated industry which all too often results in poor quality service for both you and your dog. Many dogs only develop issues after being walked by poorly trained dog walkers — it can take only a single incident to create a problem that takes months or years to resolve.

With Fuzzy Buddy you are entrusting your dog into capable hands. After over a decade running a successful business in Vancouver, the delightful hobby of working with animals has spilled over into a full-time career. I am committed to maintaining quality standards and ongoing, science-based training development in order to uphold industry best practices and contribute to higher standards in the pet care industry.

Calm, Clear & Consistent

Love isn’t enough. Animals look to us to provide guidance. The best results come with a calm presence and clarity and consistency in our requests. With knowledge, experience and skills gained over the years, I can help your Fuzzy Buddy have an enjoyable experience, including when they need special attention to feel safe and thrive. It’s very satisfying to see a dog who was once fearful and reactive regain confidence and greet dogs and humans with joy.

Fun!FuzzyBuddyBC Dexter has a romp

Going for a walk should be fun! Yes, there are rules and training, but those can be enjoyable. Learning new things, gaining new skills, playing new games… It’s all about exercising the mind as well as the body. And don’t we all learn better in an upbeat, positive environment?

Qualifications & Experience

  • Clicker Expo 2017, Karen Pryor
  • Separation Anxiety – Mission Possible, Malena DiMartini
  • Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool (CARAT) 1.1, Suzanne Clothier
  • What’s the Problem?, Suzanne Clothier
  • Advanced Professional Dog Walker Certificate, Langara College, Dr. Rebecca LedgerCAPPDT Logo
    • Advanced Dog Behaviour, Langara College
    • Keeping Dogs Safe, Langara College
    • Difficult Dog Behaviour, Langara College
    • Typical Dog Behaviour, Langara College
    • Cooperative Dog Training, Langara College
    • Dog First Aid, Langara College
  • Animal Behaviour & Welfare, University of Edinburgh
  • Member, Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
  • Current Volunteer Foster, HugABull Rescue & Advocacy
  • Former Volunteer, Semiahmoo Animal League (SALI)
  • Former Volunteer, Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS)

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